Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Street View Now Has Sound

Google Maps Street View is a wonderful resource for exploring the world through interactive panoramic imagery. However Street View currently lacks a way for users to experience the aural landscape of locations. That's why Amplifon, the hearing aid specialists, has created Sounds of Street View, a new platform which allows you to experience 3d sound with Google Street View.

Sounds of Street View has three example Street View locations which you can explore with full 3d sound: the Place du Palais in France, Hapuna Beach in Hawaii and Balboa Park in San Diego. You can explore each of these locations in Street View just as you would on Google Maps, using the arrows to navigate around a location. However with Sounds of Street View you also get to listen to the stereophonic sounds of each location.

To get the full aural experience the sounds are best listened to through headphones. The sterophinic sounds at each location are created so that sounds on a users left are heard from the left and sounds from the right are heard on the right.

Amplifon have also created a platform which developers can use to create their own Sounds of Street View. Visit Create Your Own and you can download the Sounds of Street View framework and read a detailed guide explaining how to create your own Street View with sound experience.

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