Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tripomatic Switches to OpenStreetMap

Popular trip-planning tool Tripomatic has decided to make the switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap. Having used Google's mapping API for a number of years Tripomatic has now made the switch to their own base map style based on OpenStreetMap data.

Tripomatic is a very handy application which helps independent travelers create their own travel guide and personal trip itinerary. In over 400 destinations worldwide Tripomatic allows you to find and discover great places to visit and add those discoveries to a personal map and travel itinerary.

Tripomatic's new map style is designed specifically with the traveler in mind. Instead of using a default map style as provided by one of the popular mapping API's Tripomatic has instead created a unique map which focuses on the features which are actually useful for tourists. These features include an emphasis on points of interest popular with tourists, such as restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, cafés, bakeries and kids playgrounds etc. These points of interest combined with Tripomatic’s huge database of attractions provide the user with an excellent knowledge of the selected destination.

The new map style is also designed to be walking friendly with parks and water bodies playing an important role in the overall appearance. For the most popular destinations subway lines are also displayed.

The new map style is now used at Tripomatic and in all the Tripomatic mobile device apps. The map is based on the OpenStreetMap database and was created with the Mapnik rendering toolkit. The map icons were designed using TileMill from Mapbox and the map itself is displayed using the Leaflet mapping platform.

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