Monday, August 25, 2014

Live Heat Mapping

Where Are All the CitiBikes is a real-time heat-map of the number of bikes currently available at CitiBike stations across New York.

Throughout a normal day bikes are constantly being borrowed and returned from CitiBike stations. This map uses data from CitiBike System Data to show the density of bikes at stations at the present time. Larger numbers of bikes at a station is shown on the map in red and a low number shows up as blue.

In Search of the Safest CitiBike Stations is another interesting visualization of New York's CitiBike scheme. This map shows the number of cycling related injuries around CitiBike stations.

The map presents a Voronoi diagram view showing areas around the closest CitiBike station. Each segment in the Voronoi diagram is then colored to represent the number of cycling related injuries reported between Jan 2013 and May 2014. You can click on the individual areas to view the total number of injuries reported.

The data itself does not relate to injuries suffered by CitiBike users but all cycling injuries reported to the police involving a Motor Vehicle. To date there have been no reported cycling fatalities from anyone riding a CitiBike borrowed bike.

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