Monday, September 28, 2015

200 Years of Dutch Mapping

In 1815 the Topographisch Bureau was established in the Netherlands to collect and provide access to geographical information. Kadaster, the Dutch government's mapping agency, is marking this 200 year anniversary of Dutch map mapping with Tijdreis.

Tijdreis allows you to explore vintage maps from the Dutch mapping agency dating back to 1815. This portal to the historical maps of the Dutch government's mapping agency includes a time-line which allows you to explore the vintage maps by year. Select a year from the timeline and the map will automatically update to show the relevant historical map.

For each year several maps are available. When you zoom in on an area, where available, the most detailed vintage map for the selected year will be shown. Sometimes there will be no change to the map shown for several years, this may mean that no new maps were created for the selected location during those years.

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