Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Sunshine Map

Peter Kerpedjiev has created a really interesting map of annual worldwide weather data. The map uses historical climate data from Wikipedia's city 'weather boxes' to visualize how weather changes during the year around the world.

Using the Sunshine Map it is possible to view the number of hours of sunshine across the globe for every month of the year. The map also allows you to view the changing rates of precipitation, the highest & lowest temperatures and the amount of snowfall.

The map uses Jason Davies' D3 voronoi library to divide the world up into regions based on the closest city with Wikipedia climate data. This does mean that some areas of the world are quite large, where Wikipedia only has a few cities with climate data.

Unfortunately the map is quite small and doesn't include a full-screen button. If you have a page inspector in your browser it is worth adjusting the height and width of the map element to make the map bigger.

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