Saturday, September 05, 2015

Plan your Travel Itinerary with Tripomatic

Tripomatatic has always been one of the best online travel itinerary planners. It has now been re-released with a slick new design and new features which help make building a travel itinerary even easier.

Select a destination on Tripomatic and you will be presented with a map which includes everything you need to set up your perfect travel itinerary. The map features, popular tourist sights, hotels and even tours, all ranked by popularity. All you need to do is select all the places that you wish to visit directly from the map.

Tripomatic will then organize the optimal itinerary, presenting you with a route which takes in all the places that you wish to visit. Tripomatic arranges all the destinations in the most suitable order and estimates the total times and distances for your itinerary for every day of your visit.

When you have completed your trip's itinerary you can print out your finished routes, export them as a PDF or sync with the Tripomatic mobile app for Android and iOS. This means that you can follow your custom made itinerary directly from your phone.

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