Monday, September 28, 2015

The Amazing 3D Swiss Alps Balloon Ride

If you've ever wanted to fly in a hot air balloon over the Swiss Alps then you need to have a look at Suisse Mania. This stunning 3d map takes you on a virtual journey over Switzerland and allows you to explore this beautiful country from the air.

The Suisse Mania experience was created by the Swiss supermarket chain Migros. If you live in Switzerland you might want to look out for any 'jokers' flying around the map. If you find a joker then you might win a real ride in a hot air balloon or some Migros shopping vouchers.

If you don't live in Switzerland you can still use the map to explore the delights of the Swiss landscape. Use your left mouse button to move around the map. The right mouse button rotates your view and you can use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the map.

As you travel around the map you can click on buildings and other features on the map to listen to the history of the selected location. You can also add the selected locations to your own scrapbook. There are 54 special objects to collect in all. Good hunting ....

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