Thursday, September 24, 2015

French River Views

Riverview is a new interactive French mapping platform from Suez Environnement, designed to encourage people to discover the beauty of rivers and river environments. The site has launched with a map of l'Yvette. L'Yvette is a sub-tributary of the river Seine which meanders through the departments of Yvelines and Essonne in France.

At the heart of Riverview is a Leaflet map featuring a number of activities, points of interest and custom Street View tours associated with the l'Yvette. My favorite feature of the map is the custom Street View tours, indicated on the map by the green target map markers. If you select one of these markers on the map you can take a virtual stroll along the banks of the l'Yvette, using the custom shot panoramic photographs.

As well as these virtual tours the map allows you to overlay other information on the map, such as the location of riverside walks, bike paths and nearby points of interest.

Riverview has launched with just the one river but other French rivers will soon be added to the map.

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