Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Earth - Two Million BC

Have you ever wondered what the Earth look liked 250 million years ago? EarthViewer can actually show you on a virtual globe.

EarthViewer is a 3d globe which allows you to view how the Earth's continents have shifted and grown over millions of years. At the heart of EarthViewer is a Cesium powered WebGL globe on which you can view maps of the Earth throughout its long history.

Use the timeline at the side of the globe to control the era of Earth's geologic history which you wish to explore. The buttons at the bottom of the globe allow you to explore other aspects of the Earth's geologic history, such as the composition of the Earth's atmosphere over time and important geological events,

Dinosaur Pictures has also created an interactive 3d globe which allows you to view planet Earth throughout the entire history of life on this planet. What Did the World Look Like travels back 600 million years to the dawn of multi-cellular life on Earth.

You can use the provided menus to change the era visualized on the globe. For example, you can travel forwards a few million years, to view the Earth as it looked during the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Fast forward a little more and you can view how the planet looked when humans first began to roam the Earth.

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