Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Adult Coloring Maps - US Edition

Last week the UK's Ordnance Survey released a number of free Adult Coloring maps of UK cities.

Now, for your coloring enjoyment, Maps Mania is pleased to present 9 free Adult Coloring maps, of U.S. cities. Just click on the links below to download a PDF map of your chosen city. The list also includes a map of the World and Europe.

World, San Francisco, New York, Europe, Washington DC, Dallas, Boston, Seattle

Once you have downloaded a PDF you can print out the map and spend hours of fun coloring it in.

While you enjoy coloring your downloaded maps of U.S. cities be sure to thank OpenStreetMap for the map data (CC-BY-SA).

The Ordnance Survey Blog has links to the 11 UK maps which you can download as PDF files.

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