Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mapping the Sounds of Russia

Vladimir Kryutchev runs a Russian audioblog in which he posts sound recordings of life in Sergiev Posad, a small Russian town some 70 kilometers north-east of Moscow. Each of the posts that Vladimir makes on his audioblog Oontz includes a sound recording and a map showing where the recording was made.

Vladimir's audiblog also includes the Sergiev Posad 24/7 Soundmap, which allows you to search and listen to the audio recordings by location and by time of day. Each of the recordings are shown on the map by colored markers. The colors of the marker indicate the time of day when the recording was made (if you click on one of the colored markers in the map header you can view a map showing only the recordings made during that period of the day).

If you click on a sound recording's marker on the map an information window opens with an embedded audio player. If you then click on the play button you can listen to the sound recording directly from the map.

Hat-tip - The London Sound Survey

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