Monday, September 14, 2015

The French Baby Map

779,278 babies were born in France last year. Many of them in the fertile lands of northern France.

Naissances 2014 is a choropleth map showing the numbers of babies born in each department in France. The map conforms to recent birth-rate trends in the country with the departments in the north of the country showing some of the highest numbers of new born babies. However the south-east of the country also saw a number of departments with high birth-rates.

The article accompanying the map in the French newspaper, Le Telegramme, includes some other interesting observations from the 2014 French birth-rate statistics. Babies being born outside of wedlock is now the norm in France. 57.5 percent of babies born in France last year were born to unmarried mothers.

More babies were born in July than in any other month in 2014. February was the month with the fewest number of babies being born.

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