Sunday, September 06, 2015

Mapping Alternative London

Have you heard of the London Necropolis Railway? This nineteenth century railway line was built by the London Necropolis Company to carry dead bodies from central London to the Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. The company is long gone but you can still see the building of one of its stations on Westminster Bridge Road, a short walk from Waterloo Station.

The London Helicopter has released an alternative guide to London. The Alternative View of London is a Google Map of some of London's 'less well known' locations and historical events. The map includes the location of the London Necropolis Railway's station in Westminster Bridge Road, as well as many other less known London landmarks.

The locations on the Alternative View of London map are sorted into a number of categories. These include 'Popped Culture', showing the location of notorious events perpetuated by well known celebrities. 'Lemon and Lime London' plots the locations of some of London's most gruesome crimes. 'Great Britain' shows where some of London's less known and not so great events occurred. 'Good Ol Days' reveals a few little known facts about some of London's most famous landmarks.

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