Thursday, September 10, 2015

Serie A - Twitter Battle

Serie A fans can now find out which are the most supported Italian football teams on Twitter. Serie A, la mappa del tifo su Twitter is an interactive map visualizing the football teams which are most tweeted about in each Italian municipality.

Municipalities on this map are colored to show the most tweeted about team in that area. You can also click on an individual municipality to view the top 3 teams supported by football fans in the area. Roma in red and Juventus in black are the most talked about teams across Italy.

The map also allows you to make a direct comparison of Twitter support between any two teams. You can use the drop-down menus at the top of the map to directly compare the support of any two teams. The map then updates to show which of the two selected teams is the most popular in each Italian municipality. For example, if you select AS Roma and Juvenetus, each of the municipalities are colored red or black to show which of the two teams is most supported in each area of the country.

North American sports fans might be more interested in this Fanzeal map. The Fanzeal Most Popular Sports Teams map shows the best supported teams on Twitter in 15,000 cities across the USA and Canada.

The map shows the most followed Twitter accounts of over 140 teams in the NBA, MLS, NHL, NFL & MLB. You can filter the sports shown on the map by selecting any of the professional leagues. The map will then automatically update to show the most supported teams in that league in each of the Canadian and U.S. cities.

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