Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Living Wage Map

Esri's Living Wage Map shows the gap between the minimum wage and the actual real cost of living in every county and major metropolitan area in the United States. The map uses MIT’s Living Wage Calculator to estimate between each area's minimum wage and the real cost of living in that area.

You can use the map to compare the minimum wage to the living wage for three different types of family; a couple with two children, a single parent with one child and a single adult. Once you choose a household family type you can view a choropleth map showing the difference between the minimum and living wage across the United States.

The darker the color on the choropleth layer then the higher the gap between the area's minimum wage and the living wage. If you select a county on the map you can view the minimum wage in that county, the living wage in the county and the difference between the two.

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