Monday, September 14, 2015

Building Height Maps

The Melbourne Building Heights map uses building footprint data from Melbourne Data to show the heights of Melbourne buildings. The map was inspired by the Vancouver Building Heights map, which was in turn inspired by the SF Building Height map.

The building footprints on the map are colored to show the height of each building. If you mouse-over a building on the map you can view its exact height and the number of floors.

The Vancouver Building Heights map can teach you where all of Vancouver's tallest buildings are concentrated. It can even tell you the height of every building in the city

Again the building footprints on the map are colored to represent the height of the buildings. Similarly, if you want to know the exact height of an individual building in the city, then you just need to mouse-over the building footprint on the map.

At first glance this map of San Francisco building heights might look like it couldn't teach you anything new. After all it isn't as if all those tall buildings in the Financial District are trying to hide. However it is a great looking map, with each building footprint colored to show the height of the building.

If you do want to learn something new you can mouse-over individual building plots on the SF Building Height map to discover the height of a building. If you want to learn how to create your own building height map then this ArcGIS to Mapbox tutorial is what you need.

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