Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Song of Ice, Data & Maps

Every Spring, as another series of Thrones approaches, we get to witness little buds of hope emerging from the thawing earth of Winterfell. Yes - it's time once again for a new crop of interactive maps all about A Song of Ice & Fire.

This year A Song of Ice and Data has emerged from Beyond the Wall to shed new light on George R. R. Martin's fantasy world. A Song of Ice and Data is a new REST API, interactive map and data store created by students at the Technical University of Munich. Most of the data for the project has been scraped from the Wiki of Ice and Fire.

The Song of Ice and Data interactive map shows the lands, borders and cities of the Known World. It also includes travel paths of all the major characters. If you select any of the marked locations on the map you can learn more about the location from the Wiki of Ice and Fire. If you want to view a character's travel path on the map just search for the character using the map's search box.

You can find more Game of Thrones interactive maps in Mapping A Game of Thrones.

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