Monday, April 04, 2016

Mapping the Hipster Hotspot Apocalypse

On April Fools Day Trulia released a handy interactive map called Hipsters Apocalypse. To create this heatmap of Hipster hangouts Trulia has used all their local knowledge to show where all the overpriced barbershops, dive bars and food trucks are concentrated.

The Trulia Blog has embedded ten maps of U.S. cities where they say Hipsters are most abundant. However the map seems to work in most U.S. towns and cities, Just use the search bar to center the map on your location.

Another easy way to find venues frequented by hipsters is by using the Yelp Wordmap.

The Yelp Wordmap is a series of heatmaps of common words used in Yelp reviews. One of those words just happens to be 'hipster'. If you select 'hipster' from the available words in the map sidebar and then select a city (from a choice of 14 cities worldwide) you can view a heatmap of the hipster hangouts in your town.

 It is also possible to view heatmaps for other words used in Yelp reviews. The words are different for each city, which presumably reflects the geographical popularity of certain words in Yelp reviews.

If you live in the Australian city of Melbourne you also have access to an interactive map which can show you all the best hipster hangouts. The Hipster Map of Melbourne is a handy guide to venues that are popular with the skinny jeans crowd.

It's really up to you whether use the map as a guide of venues to visit in Melbourne or whether you use it to find places to avoid.

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