Monday, April 25, 2016

Mapping Projected Population Growth

The Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS) allows you to visualize how US cities might grow under different economic conditions.

Using the ICLUS interactive map you can see how population growth could effect the expansion of urban footprints. The map includes a timeline control which allows you to see the likely effects of population growth on US cities for each decade until 2100.

The map visualizes four different modeled scenarios of population growth. Using the 'Display Options' menu you can compare the effect of these models side-by-side.on four separate synchronized maps. Alternatively you can view the effect of just one of the modeled scenarios over time by using the timeline to adjust the dates in each separate map.

The map includes a number of different data views. These allow you to visualize the growth of housing density in US cities, the growth of population at county level and the growth of impervious surface coverage.

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