Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Mapping Religious Conflict

The Eshhad organization collects information on religious persecution and sectarian attacks in Egypt. The Eshhad Map visualizes and provides access to information about these attacks on an interactive map of Egypt. The map includes information about the location, the victims and the responses to each attack.

It is possible to filter the sectarian attacks shown on the map by incident type, date and location. If you select an incident on the map you can read a detailed account of the attack in the map sidebar. These details include the original news sources for the reported sectarian violence.

If you like the design of the Eshad Map then you should also read David Heyman's Little Design Details in a Simple Map, in which he discusses the design decisions that axismaps made in making this map for Eshad. The article discusses the use of the muted basemap tiles, the use of color, how the user interacts with the map and how the data is visualized on the map.

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