Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mapping Washington's Spies

AMC's period drama 'TURN - Washington Spies' is a fictionalized account of America's first spy ring, the Culper Ring. The Culper Spy Ring was established under the orders of George Washington. Its purpose was to spy on the activities of the British Army in New York City and report to General Washington.

To help promote the second season of 'Turn' AMC has released the TURN - Washington Spies interactive map. The map allows you to explore some of the real-life locations and events that feature in the series on top of a vintage map.

When you select an episode from the map menu the real locations and events that feature in that episode are displayed on the map. You can then select these markers on the map to learn more about the Culper Ring and the American War of Independence in the map sidebar.

One of the neat little features of this map are the handy arrow markers which appear on the map pointing to markers which appear outside the current map view. You can replicate this feature in Leaflet.js by using the Leaflet EdgeMarker plugin.

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Caleb Sylvest said...

Hey, cool post. I just found your page while googling for the TURN interactive map. I was the designer on the project and created the map, interface, and stuff.

Thanks for covering TURN!