Saturday, April 09, 2016

Mapping LA's Dirtiest Streets

The Los Angeles Times has mapped the cleanliness of Los Angeles' streets. The Los Angeles City Council has recently completed a sanitation survey of streets and alleyways in the city, recording the levels of illegal dumping, bulky items, homeless encampments, loose litter and overgrown vegetation.

Where are L.A.'s Dirtiest Streets? uses the data from this survey to visualize the cleanliness of LA's streets. Streets on the map are colored to show whether they are clean, moderate or dirty. You can also mouse-over each street on the map to see its rating for bulky items, illegal dumping, loose litter and weeds.

The map includes map labels providing an overview of a number of LA districts. For example the Downtown area is labelled to show it has a total of 15 miles of dirty streets. In comparison Venice has a total of 8 miles of dirty streets.

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