Monday, April 04, 2016

Mapping the Monuments of Rome

When in Rome do as the Romans do and use Milestone Rome to find all the nearby monuments and points of interest.

One of the fantastic things about Rome is that wherever you are in the city you are never more than a few meters away from some amazing site of historical importance. Using the Milestone Rome map you can quickly discover the nearest historical sites to your current location.

The Milestone Rome interactive map allows you to discover the location of nearby events and sites of historical interest. Just enter your location into the map and categorized markers will show on the map the nearest points of interest.

To achieve this radius search I assume the map uses Mapbox js's 'distanceTo' function. This function allows you to display markers within a defined range of a specific location on a Mapbox map. You can find a demo map of this Marker Radius Search in the Mapbox.js documentation.

Considering that this radius search functionality is such a major feature on Milestone Rome it is a shame that the map doesn't include the option to find your current location automatically. At the moment you need to use the map's search function to find your location in Rome. It would be very simple for Milestone Rome to add the Mapbox.js Geolocation function to automatically detect the user's location.

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