Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mapping the Simpsons

PlayGIS's Springfield is a gloriously detailed map of America's most famous town. The map allows you to explore an oblique view of Springfield and view places of interest in the town, such as the home of the Simpsons family (742 Evergreen Terrace) and the location of's first ever Kwik-E-Mart.

The Springfield map was created using the Esri mapping platform. It is now also available as a Leaflet powered map. The Simpson's City Map is an attempt at directly port (plagiarize?) playGIS's map into Leaflet.js.

The new Simpson's City Map includes the same map tiles and even the same marked locations and town information as the playGIS map. In fact the Simpson's City Map doesn't appear to have created quite as many layers of map tiles as playGIS, therefore it doesn't have the same quality when you zoom in on the map of Springfield.

The new Simpson's City Map does include an attempt to crowd-source information about the town of Springfield. The map includes a 'contribute' button. Press this button and you are taken to another Springfield map with an e-mail address for contributing information about locations on the map.

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