Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Where to Live in Italy

Every year national newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore ranks the quality of life in all of Italy's 107 provinces, This year the newspaper has also released an interactive cartogram which allows you to explore the newspaper's rankings for each province.

The Quality of Life map allows you to explore the newspaper's quality of life rankings for five different categories. these include: standard of living, free time and employment. You can use the forward and back buttons to view cartograms for each of the five criteria in turn. Alternatively you can use the slide controls to weight each of the five criteria any way that you want and then view the resulting cartogram.

The Per Capita Income of Italian Citizens map provides a stark visualization of the disparity in incomes that are earned in Italy's industrial north and more rural south.

The map shows the average yearly incomes of wage earners in each Italian commune. The map shows a clear north-south divide in how much Italians earn. If you mouse-over an individual commune on the map you can view the exact average per capita income for the area.

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