Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mapping the World's Energy Use

GoCompare has created an interesting map which shows how much of the world's energy is produced by fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewable energy.

The What Powers the World map uses what resembles a NASA Night-Lights satellite view of the Earth. If you use the 'Fossil Fuels', 'Nuclear' and 'Renewables' buttons at the top of the map you can see the world's lights turning on or off based on the amount of energy produced by these three energy sources.

When you select any of the three main energy views interesting energy stories are also displayed on the map. For example, if you select the nuclear power view, an orange marker appears of France, which gets 74% of its energy from nuclear power. Japan, however, gets only 1% of its power from nuclear energy (before the Fukushima disaster it was 30%).

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