Friday, April 08, 2016

Bing Maps v8 Released

This week Microsoft released v8 of the JavaScript API for Bing Maps. The newest version of the API uses HTML5 to help render vector data much quicker.

Bing Maps v8 also introduces a number of new core features.

The new core features added to the Bing Maps API are:
  • Additional Map Styles - apparently there is a dark and grayscale map style available (but I can't find any reference to them yet in the documentation)
  • Streetside Imagery - allows you to easily add Bing Maps 360 degree panoramic imagery to your maps
  • Vector Map Labels 
  • Text Data Generator
  • Point Compression
As well as these core features Bing Maps has a number of new modules (plug-ins):
  • Autosuggest - dynamic automatic address suggestions for geo-searches
  • Drawing Tools
  • Clustering - automatic clustering for large numbers of map markers
  • Heatmap - automatic heatmap generation from data points
  • GeoJSON - import and export of GeoJSON data
  • Spatial Data Services - allows you to use Bing Spatial Data Services as the backend for your map data
  • Spatial Maths - allows you to perform many GIS operations on your spatial data
The best way to explore some of these new features is in the Bing Maps Development Center. 

The Bing Maps Development Center includes a really useful set of code examples for the Bing Maps API. All the code examples include a live code editor which allows you to experiment with these new features live and instantly see your code changes appear on a Bing Map.

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