Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dublin - Easter Rising in 3D

The 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising has easily become the most mapped historical event of this year.

Maps Mania has already featured a review of Google and Ireland 2016's mapped audio and visual guide, Dublin Rising 1916-2016. Ireland 2016's map includes a Street View tour of some of the important locations in the Easter Rising, narrated by actor Colin Farrell. We have also featured RTE's Reflecting the Rising, a map which includes fascinating video and sound recordings of personal accounts from men and women who lived through Easter 1916.

The City and the Rising is perhaps the best of them all. This map from Dublin City Council features images, text and videos that connect incidents and events of the Easter Rising with locations across the city.This multi-media content is displayed on top of vintage map of Dublin.

My favorite part of The City and the Rising, however, has to be the incredible 3d maps which you can view of a number of important locations in Dublin. These 3d maps were made from archive photographs, maps and documentary sources to recreate how Dublin actually looked in 1916.

Therefore With The City and the Rising you can not only learn more about the events that took place in and around Dublin's General Post Office (for example) you can also explore the GPO and O'Connell Street in 3d. In fact, if you have an Oculus Rift headset, you can even view the 3d scenes in virtual reality.

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