Sunday, May 16, 2010

Climbing Sites on Google Maps

Escalaren Cantabria

Escalaren Cantabria is a Spanish website dedicated to the climbing areas and routes of Cantabria and the Picos de Europa in northern Spain.

Escalaren Cantabria uses Google Maps to show the location of all climbing area and routes in the region. The map includes some nice features, such as custom made map markers and thumbnail photo previews of each climb when you roll over a marker.

The map also provides the option to view climbs in the Google Earth browser plugin. This means climbers can better assess routes by taking a virtual tour of an ascent. Or, if your not particularly into climbing, you can just use it to flt-over one of the most beautiful regions of Spain.

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Spiri said...

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Patric said...

Thanks for the links, just checking them out!

We're also launching a digital marketplace for climbing topos especially for the german and austrian area. Of course we also have a google-map with all climbing spots around you. You can check it out at Feedback is welcome!