Sunday, May 30, 2010

School Exam Results on Google Maps

England Exam Results Map

This Google Map shows the GCSE exam results for 4,000 schools in England.If you click on any of the schools mapped you can view the average uncapped GCSE and equivalent point score per pupil in the school.

The buttons to the right of the map allow you to refine the schools shown on the map. You can refine the results to show the top performing or worst performing schools.

This map is another example of a Google Maps API V3 map displaying data from a Fusion Tables layer.



James D said...

Do you know what heat map it's using? I've seen the same on a few maps posted on here, coincidentally most of them are using Fusion Tables. Is it something from the GM API? Thanks, James

Keir Clarke said...

Hi James,

The heat map is built into the mapping option in Fusion Tables.

If you follow this tutorial

you should be able to create a heat map (although the heat map isn't specifically mentioned it exists in some of the examples).

Alternatively Google have added more explanation to the documentation for Google Maps API v3 for Fusion Tables. Here's the bit about heat maps: