Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google Maps Treasure Hunt in Paris

French Treasure Hunt

Google Maps, in partnership with, have organised a Google Maps treasure hunt in Paris.

The treasure hunt will take place on Sunday, May 30th in Paris and the theme of the hunt will be writers. With family and friends, participants must solve puzzles with the help of Google Maps for Mobile or Google Maps on a laptop. Puzzles will have to be solved throughout the day, in order to arrive on time at a secret meeting point.

The winner will receive an Android phone and a stay in a boutique hotel somewhere in France.

If you can't get to Paris then you can take part in an online treasure hunt instead. From May 31st you will be asked to solve a number of puzzles that involve French cultural and tourist locations.

The winner of the online treasure hunt will also receive an Android mobile phone and a stay in a boutique hotel in France.


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Creative Promotional Ideas said...

Aww man that sounds like plenty of fun. Too bad i live in Miami.

Can you guys organize 1 there?