Friday, May 21, 2010

Find a Scenic Drive with Google Maps


myscenicdrives is a website designed to help you find and share scenic drives. Whether you are looking for a Sunday afternoon drive, a weekend getaway, or are looking to plan your next summer vacation you can search myscenicdrives' Google Map to find your perfect drives.

Currently the site has mapped a number of drives in Washington and Oregon. The drives are shown with coloured lines on Google Maps. If you select one of the drives you will be taken to a dedicated page with details of the route.

The dedicated page for each scenic drive also includes a Google Map which shows the route of the drive. You can also select a number of points of interest to view along the route. The points of interest are categorised into; Hikes, Activities, Museums, Bridges, Vista Points, Information, Food and Services.

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Anonymous said...

And we're now in California!

Unknown said...

Arizona scenic drives: