Monday, May 24, 2010

Using Google Maps Against Bottled Water

In Borraccia!
In Borraccia! is an Italian campaign to reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles. As part of its campaign In Borraccia! is promoting these three Google Maps that promote the use of tap water over bottled water.


This Google Maps mashup shows restaurants in Italy that serve tap water so you don't have to pay for expensive bottled water.

The map includes quick links that help you zoom into different Italian regions. You can add the details of a restaurant that isn't already featured on the map.

Mappa Fontanelle

Mappa Fontanelle provides a Google Map of water fountains in Milan. The idea behind the map is that you will refill your water bottle rather than buy a new one.

The site includes a Street View option so you can even check out the look of the water fountains online.

CAP - Case dell'Acqua

In collaboration with local councils CAP are building facilities for the distribution of still and sparkling water via tap rather than by bottle. The facilities are being built in parks and green spaces.

This Google Map shows the location of CAP's 'water houses' in Milan.


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