Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Street View in Maps API v3

Street View Maps API v3 Demo

Street View has been added to the Google Maps API v3.

To add a Street View overlay to a API v3 map just add 'streetViewControl: true,' to your map code.

Street View in Maps API v3 uses HTML rather than Flash. The Street View layer in v3 also has the capability of showing your map markers directly in the Street View.

If you open up the demo that I've created and drop Pegman onto Westminster Bridge you can see how the map markers on the map can also be seen from within Street View.



Tim Maxey said...

This does not work in Chrome on Windows 7, on my machine that is...

Keir Clarke said...

Sorry Tim - This is a huge cock-up on my part.

Google were rumoured to be releasing Street View in South Africa this week.

On that basis I was playing about with creating a South African Street View tour of Church Square in Pretoria. I accidentally rewrote the code for my London demo and published this one in it's place.

Google subsequently didn't release the South African Street View example so this demo no longer works on any browser.

If you want to copy and past the code it will work for any location that does have Street View.