Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Give Me a Google Map with Everything - Google Maps Routeplanner is a Dutch Google Map mashup that has a whole host of features.

To start with the map includes the locations of thousands of points of interest around the world. You can access these points of interest by selecting ‘Lokaties NL’ for Dutch points of interest, 'Lokaties Overig' to select points of interest for other countries or 'Special' to browse by category.

Alternatively you can click on the map anywhere in the world to access information about your chosen location. When you click on the map an information window opens with a number of tabs to give you a whole host of information about your selected location.

If you click on the 'Algemeen' tab you will be given the full address of your selected location and links to YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles and Twitter messages around that area.

The 'Weer' tab will reveal the weather for your chosen location. Selecting 'Route' allows you to get driving directions to your chosen location.

The site also includes a fun Google Earth plug-in browser helicopter game. To fly a helicopter around any location in the world just click on the map and select the helicopter tab from the information window. Once you select 'helicopter' a Google Earth plug-in browser map will open of your selected location. You are now free to fly your helicopter at will.

Oh, and did I mention you can also view Street View and Bing Maps Birds Eye View for any location (where available).


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