Monday, May 24, 2010

The World's Tourist Hot Spots

World Tourism Map

This heat map of the world is color-coded by level of 'touristiness', based on analysis of photos on Panoramio. Yellow indicates high levels of tourism, red indicates medium tourism, and blue low tourism.

Areas with no photos at all posted to Panoramio are grey. The map was produced by

Remote Places Map

This Google Map purports to show the world's most interesting remote places. Again the map has been produced by an analysis of photographs uploaded to Panoramio, this time with a little help from analysing city names with GeoNames.

Yellow areas are very remote places with high tourism interest (e.g. Antarctica), green less so (e.g. mountains of New Zealand), and blue even less so (e.g. central Yucatan). Grey areas have no Panoramio photos or are not remote at all (e.g. New York City).

Again, the map was produced by


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