Thursday, May 27, 2010

Putting Pennsylvania on the Map


Pennsylvania’s official tourism website VisitPA have released an excellent new travel guide called Roadtrip-o-Matic.

The new guide includes a number of pre-planned road trips (all using Google Maps) to showcase some of the state's favourite destinations. The pre-planned trips include Civil War Trails, Shopping Trips, the Artisan Tour and many others.

However if you don't want to follow one of the pre-planned roadtrips you can create your own. VisitPa has a number of Google Maps showing the locations of things to see and do in Pennsylvania. There are maps showcasing the state's arts and entertainment locations, festivals and fairs, history and heritage, outdoor recreation, shopping, sports, and wineries and breweries.

As you browse through VistPA's many Google Maps of the state's attractions if you come across something you would like to visit you can add it to your 'roadtrip planner'. When you have a number of locations saved you can then plan your roadtrip and view it on your very own Google Map.

If you are stuck for ideas you can view the hundreds of other roadtrips created and submitted by other users.


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