Thursday, May 27, 2010

Create Your Own Google Map


Maptrot is another Google Maps creation tool that makes it very easy for anyone to create their own Google Map. Maps created in Maptrot can be viewed on the Maptrot website or can be embedded in your own website of blog.

Creating a map with Maptrot is a simple process. To add a location to a map you just click on the map and add a title and the information you want to appear in the marker window. You can also add different layers to your map by adding a KML or GeoRSS url.

When a map is finished users can choose from three settings for their published map. If you select 'private' then you will be the only one who can view the map. If you select 'shared' then you can choose who can view your map. If you select 'published' then your map can be viewed by anyone.

To give you a taste of the kinds of maps you can create with Maptrot here is a fairly random selection of user created maps:

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