Monday, May 10, 2010

Viewing Biodiversity with Google Maps

Vizzuality is a great Spanish based web development team who have produced some outstanding Google Maps based visualisations. In the past on Google Maps Mania we have featured a number of their maps developed for ProtectedPlanet, Global Biodiversity Information Facility and the World Database on Marine Protected Areas.

Here is some of Vizzuality's more recent work:

Mountain Biodiversity Portal

The Mountain Biodiversity Portal allows you to explore the Global Biodiversity Information Facilty's biodiversity archive data for mountain regions on Google Maps.

Using the map you can select search areas by region, or mountain life zones by range of elevation or thermal belts. Mountain areas are defined by ruggedness of terrain, using the WorldClim digital elevation data.

If you click on the 'explore the taxonomic tree' option you can select GBIF biodiversity archive data for your chosen mountain area, using GBIFs taxonomic tree to select organismic groups, or type in a name to select a single species.

Global Registry Of Migratory Species

This Google Map uses the UNEP/CMS Secretariat database of migratory species to enable the user to view the locations of migratory species throughout the world.

Users of the map can choose to view any of the thousands of migratory species from the database on the Google Map.


Runnity is a Spanish website to help runners find races and related information in Spain. Runners can use the site to share their runs, pictures, comments, videos and add events.

All the runs added to the site can be viewed on Google Maps with a terrain chart of the route.


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