Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost on Google Maps

We couldn't let the Lost finale pass by without a mention. It's been nearly six years since the show first aired so it is a bit surprising that we have only seen two attempts to map references from the enigmatic TV programme.

However since one of those two maps is the excellent Washington Post's 'Lost Map' fans of the show should be satisfied.

Washington Post 'Lost' Map

The Washington Post have used their excellent Google Maps time-line interface 'TimeSpace' to try and make sense of of the labyrinthine plot of the popular television programme 'Lost'.

The map allows you to explore the show by year, location or season. The map markers include small summaries of the storyline and photographs of the show's stars. The information windows also contain links to episode explanations on Celebritology.

There is an embed option that allows you to put the map in your own website and the option to link to the current map view.

This Google My Map has four collaborators who have been tirelessly mapping references from Lost. Well, actually not that tirelessly, as the map hasn't been updated for a while.


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