Saturday, May 15, 2010

Google Maps and Location Sharing


Mappyfriends is a location based recommendations network that you can sign into with your Facebook or Twitter account. Using Mappyfriends you can show your friends where you have been and view their recommendations of places to go.

Once you have logged into Mappyfriends if you click on the 'News' link at the bottom of the Google Map you can view all your friends' latest recommendations. The recommended locations are then loaded in the map sidebar.

Clicking on any of the listed locations will zoom the map to a satellite view of the recommended place. You can then rate the location, click the 'I was here' button, or select one of the quick links to find a hotel, book a flight or discover more information about the location.



Monti said...

This site/app looks very clean and nice.
This is 100% javascript, no? I was wondering if they used any flash?
I am currently looking to build a facebook app that is based on google maps, would love to know who built this.

Anonymous said...

Hey footfoot, thanks! Send your request to our tech guys at

Monti said...

Thanks Philip,
I emailed them/called them friday and now monday but no response.
I cant leave them a message because their mailbox is full.

Their support (gmail) thingy is always offline.
Any idea?