Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Easy Rider Route on Google Maps

Mr Zip66's Easy Rider Map

Denis Hopper's Easy Rider is to many the seminal counter-culture movie of the 1960's. Some of us may never get the chance to ride a bike across the States but thanks to Mr Zip we can follow the route on Google Maps.

Mr Zip has pieced together the locations used in the film and managed to put together a rough approximation of the route. The map itself is simple enough, showing the route in blue, with a few map markers showing the locations of some of the main scenes.

However what makes this an essential destination for fans of the film is the accompanying photographs and Mr Zip's knowledgeable commentary of what you can see and do if you are lucky enough to be able to undertake the trip yourself.




MrZIp66 said...

I can tell you that the route from CA to New Mexico is exact. I studied old freeway maps from the late 60s and did some homework there. where its sketchy is between Coyote NM and Morganza Louisiana. Not much has been said but then again, no filming was done between there so I'm not sure how much it matters. The pictures are the proof. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Mister Zip 66 is correct. Hopper and Fonda were warned in advance that if they dared to film anything in Texas they would be arrested.

Unknown said...

That’s not entirely true. The old railroad bridge in Simmesport, La. is also in the movie.

kerry prance said...

OK.. So " Mardi Gras" is in February.... That route goes through some awfully cold country. I don't remember seeing them freezing to death in a snowstorm. ... Just a nice warm sunny ride with no rain.

Philfischer said...

I have good news for you MrZIP66:

My Dad was on the crew and road with 8 of them (hopper and fonda included) and they are at a place that is now located where Ziskas on the Brazos is not located. They ate/brank and some passed out nearby at an RV park while others went onto Dallas.'s plausible to say that they took HWY 20 then 49 to Baton Rouge....

Philfischer said...

Mr. Zip 66:

My dad was a key grip and Harley buff that was on set and rode with them from Coyote to Baton Rouge and I can swear my Dad told me they ate at a road house that was a little rough in Jucticeburg TX where the restaurant Ziskas now sits.

He said they passed out at an RV park nearby (with Hopper) and Fonda went onto Dallas so the missing link (at least off the set) was HWY 20. I asked him what they did at Shreveport and he said "headed south" .

I deem that to be HWY 49. So there is the "missing ride".

Anonymous said...

There was no Hwy 49 from Shreveport south in 1969. The route more likely would have been LA 1 which goes through downtown Morganza. The “bar” was still there when I was a kid.