Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Virtual March Against the Finance Bill

March for Main Street

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce have created a protest Google Map as part of its lobbying campaign against the financial-overhaul legislation in the U.S. Congress. 24,000 people have already placed map markers on the satellite image of the National Mall on Google Maps.

The idea for the campaign is clearly inspired by the Taksim virtual protest against internet censorship in Turkey.

The U.S. Chambers map has markers that reveal the name and location of the person who placed it. It is possible to change the map to view the markers mapped by the protester's address. It is also possible to select to view only protesters from a particular state.


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Anonymous said...

Lots of gender identity in that crowd. Lots of women markers with names like "Paul" and "Robert" and so on. Methinks something is fishy...