Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding Street Art with Google Maps

Red Bull Street Art View uses Google Maps and Google Street View to present a crowd-sourced map of street art from around the world.

Using the map you can search for graffiti directly from the map and click on the map markers to view a Street View image of the art. The site includes quick links to the 'most viewed' and the 'latest additions' to the map. There is also a search option which allows you to quickly find works by popular graffiti artists such as Banksy and Keith Haring.

Adding your own finds to the map is very easy. It just involves finding the right location on the map and dragging the Street View to grab the best shot of the street art that you wish to submit.

The Big Art Mob is a crowd-sourced map of the world's public art. Using the Big Art Mob Google Map it is possible to search for public art by location, by tag, by user or just browse the latest or featured submissions.

Anyone can submit an artwork to the map by taking a photo and posting the location of the art work. The Big Art Mob is also available as an iPhone app which helps you automatically share the location of public art simply by taking a photo of it from within the app.

Graffmap is a street art mapping site that is designed to help you share and discover great examples of found graffiti.

The application works perfectly well on a desktop computer but is optimized for mobile devices. For example, the 'nearby' function works best on your mobile, allowing you to easily find the nearest examples of street art submitted by users around your current location.

To share your own discovered street art you simply need to take a photograph of the found graffiti and the app's built in geolocation sharing takes care of adding your discovery to the map.

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