Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Detroit Building Age Map

Over the last year Google Maps Mania has featured a lot of maps which have visualized the age of buildings in cities around the world. There is even a map visualizing the age of buildings in a whole country (the Netherlands). Here is the list of building age maps that we have featured in the last year: New YorkBrooklyn, MoscowReykjavíkall of the Netherlandsall of the Netherlands - againLjubljana in SloveniaPortland, Oregon and Chicago. We can now add Detroit to the list.

The Detroit Building Age map visualizes the age of Detroit's buildings by their decade of construction. If you zoom in you can select individual buildings on the map to reveal details about the year of construction. After you have selected a building you can also use the 'Data Layers' menu to find out other information, such as the building's owner, the tax status and the size of the property.

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