Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Evening New York

Instant Peeping is an interesting experiment exploring the behaviour patterns of Instagram users in major cities around the world.

Select one of the cities on Instant Peeping and you will be taken to a Google Map of your selected location. After a few moments real-time photos submitted to Instagram will appear in the map sidebar and the location of the photo will be displayed on the map. Over time patterns should emerge on the map showing you where most Instagram users are located, or where in the city the app is currently being used the most.

At 8pm on a Monday night two distinct clusters have appeared on the map of New York, in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I don't know New York at all - so I'm guessing that is where the restaurants and bars are.

If you click on the 'Analysis / Data' link you can view information on the most used tags in the city and on the day and times that Instagram is most popular.

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