Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trains are Running Late in the UK

At the moment much of the UK is suffering from severe flooding. Yesterday the country was also beset by severe gales. Like the rest of the country the UK's rail network suffered a lot of disruption. You can get a real sense of the disruption caused to the UK rail network on this Rail Tracker map.

Using the Rail Tracker Google Map you can view a heat map of where trains were running late throughout the UK yesterday. The screenshot above shows trains running at least 5 minutes late. The map includes a slide control to adjust the number of minutes late and to view the resulting heat map.

If you want to see where the flooding and winds caused the most problems on the UK rail network you can adjust the slide control to view a heat map of trains running over 20 minutes late.

If you want to see the extent of the flooding in the UK the EU Copernicus Emergency Management Service has released a series of maps showing the flooded areas in the Bridgwater and Maidenhead areas.

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