Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Top 5 Street View Car Ads

The unwritten rule of online marketing of automobiles is that you have to use Google Maps Street View. Nissan are the latest car manufactures to create a clever internet advertising campaign that uses Google Maps satellite views and Street View.

The Nissan Rogue - Detour allows you to create a route using Google Maps or select from a number of predefined routes. Once you have created a route you can sit back and watch a short animation of your route on Street View with a number of Nissan Rogue inspired twists and turns along your drive.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World

BMW i Born Electric allows you to take a virtual test drive in the BMW i8 Concept or the BMW i3 Concept with Google Maps and Street View.

After you select which car you want to drive and the route you wish to take you are placed in the driving seat of your car. Through the windshield you have a great view of your route, thanks to Street View. A small map shows your current location and how much power you have in your electric battery.

If you select the 'Interior 360' option you can pan around inside the car and get a 360 degree interior view of the car and a 360 exterior view of your location in Street View.

The problem with taking a car for a test drive is that you don't get to drive your chosen car on the Laguna Raceway or through the hairpin bends of Lombard Street in San Francisco. Hyundai has released a Google Maps Street View application that allows you to virtually test drive an Elantra on the streets of your choice.

The Driveway Decision Maker allows you to enter any address and watch a Hyundi car drive the streets of your neighborhood and park outside your house using Google Maps Street View.

Peugot has also created an impressive Street View application to promote the Peugot RCZ. RCZ View is an application that allows you to create any route in Google Maps and then watch a Street View stop motion animation of your created route.

It takes a little while for the application to grab the Street Views for a route but it is worth the wait. If you want to save a little time you can just watch the one of the preprogrammed routes.

Skoda has used the popular Hyperlapse Street View animation tool to create a cool promotional website for the Rapid Spaceback.

The Rapid Spaceback website lets you view a number of animated journeys on Google Maps Street View. To spice up the action the site has added a number of filters that you can apply to the animated route, including a kaleidoscope or mirror view. You can also choose from a number of different soundtracks to accompany your drive.

The site includes a number of prepared routes from famous locations around the world. You can also create your own route by selecting a starting point and a destination on a Google Map.

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