Monday, February 17, 2014

Mapping the Mappa Mundi

The Hereford Mappa Mundi is the largest surviving medieval map of the world. The map is on display in Hereford Cathedral, UK. If you can't get to Hereford to view the map in person you can now at least view the map online. Mappa Muni allows you to explore and examine the details of the map in a well designed interactive presentation.

The online version of the map includes a color enhanced view and a 3d Scan Factum view. The 3d view includes some interesting information about the vellum used to create the map and reveals important facts about how the map was created and where patch repairs to the map have been made over the centuries.

The online Mappa Mundi includes a number of map markers that allow the viewer to explore locations on the map in detail. Jerusalem is at the centre of the map and East is at the top. If you select any of the markers you can view a close-up of the location and read about some of the cities, people, beasts and myths depicted on the map.

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