Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Super Tweets of the Super Bowl

Time has mapped all the geo-tagged Super Bowl related Twitter messages sent before, during and after Sunday's game. Super Bowl Pulse uses CartoDB with Leaflet map tiles to provide an insight into how talk of the Super Bowl dominated social media on Sunday.

The Tweets are color-coded so that you can see which team generated the most interest. The map is animated so that you can also see how the teams fared on Twitter throughout the game. Half-time related tweets get their own color on the map - which turns the map a nice shade of purple during the main event, squeezed in between the two running around parts.

If you zoom out on the map you can view the interest generated by the Super Bowl around the world. The game was shown live on television in the UK and seems to have been widely Tweeted about there. Elsewhere around the world interest seems more patchy.

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